Save Money When You Travel

Traveling can be costly, but there are ways to actually save money. A lot of people think that when you travel, it is actually a time to spend a whole lot of money, but there are always ways to cut costs. So whatever budget you have, you can cut it. So, here are 10 tips to save money when traveling:

Avoid tourist zones as much as you can

In every place that you visit, in every country, there will always be places that are popular that are tourist must-see. These places are seriously in demand, and as a result, everyone wants to see them. This make them very expensive. So, the trick here is to move away from them. If you have to eat, choose a restaurant that is further away, if you need accommodation, find something that is not exactly in the hottest spot. What you will find is that you you will pay much less. Doing this does not make your experience less, you actually can get much more when you are prepared to break away from the tourist attractions.

Do Proper Research

The internet has made it possible to find out just about anything on any topic that you want to know about. Therefore, you should do plenty of research about your destination before you take off. Find out about the place, find out if there are discounts or coupons and learn as much as you can.

Be informed about possible scams

Scams are everywhere, unfortunately. And if you are going to a place, you need to be aware about how people were scammed before you so that you are aware on how you can protect yourself.

Stay with friends

Having a friend in a country that you are visiting would be awesome. You would not only be saving money staying with them, but you would also be catching up, and of course they would be able to show you the hottest spots. If you do not have friends, do not despair just yet. You can always “couchsurf”, and there are websites that can help you out.

Stay Away from the middleman

When it comes to booking your airline ticket or when it comes to getting your hotel, it is much cheaper to book direct with the hotel or the airline. If you are going to entertain the use of a middle man, you must know that there will be someone who wants some of your money. So my advice is to go direct with everything.

Check your cell phone before you bounce

It sounds amazing when your cellphone company tells you that you can use your cellphone overseas, but they never tell you the charges that you are going to incur. So, please make sure you know what the costs are if you are planning on using the cellphone. rather know before hand than come back to thousands of costs in cellphone roaming charges.

Be aware of credit card charges

Most of us just cannot go anywhere without our credit cards. When you are overseas , just remember that when  you withdraw money or when you decide to buy something using your credit card, there is money that you are being charged every time you do that, called transaction charges. Cash is always best, but I guess it is not always practical.

Booking early has its rewards

The earlier you can book your flight, the better. If you can finalize your flight and be able to book 3 months in advance, that would be awesome, because you can save a ton of money. From 3 months all the way to three weeks before you go, you can save some money. Makes sure that you find out about the discounts that you can get and work your trip to benefit from them.

Cut costs with airport parking

Airport parking is seriously expensive, if you have to leave your car at the airport, make sure that you book weeks or months in advance. A better plan would be to get family members to drop you off, or get a friend to drop you off.

Don’t get broke trying to change your money

When you change your money into a different currency, there is always a cost involved. However, if you are going to wait until you get to the airport, you are definitely going to pay more than what you are supposed to. So,change your money before the actual trip at a Bureau de change that is reasonable.

I sure hope you will use these 10 Tips to Save Money When You Travel, and be able to channel your money buying things that you really want to.

And remember, as you travel, you must document your journey. The people you leave behind at home want to see all the places that you traveled to. They want to see the photographs, good photographs that will make them feel like they too were on the trip.

And photographs last forever, and so do the memories that you make. Cherish that moment, cherish that experience and share it with those you love dearly.