12 Ways To Make Plane Travel More Comfortable

Plane ride can sometimes be a little messy and weird at times, which definitely won’t level up with your comfort level by any chances. This is especially true when you are surrounded by chit chatty people, or the ones who love to eat, all the time. When going on a long flight, the duration of the flight can seem like forever in certain cases and make you so cramped, physically and mentally.

If you ever had such experiences in the past, you would know what is being talked about here. Here are the few ways you can make your plane ride more comfortable. Keep these tips in mind when going on a plane ride, and your comfort level would drastically increase, which would help you travel peacefully and without any hassles.

1. Wear loose clothes, and stay away from tight clothes. Layering your clothes with tank top, scarf, jogger pants and a sweater is a good idea. Skinny jeans or tight pants would not only be uncomfortable, but can also cause deep vein thrombosis, by restricting blood flow. Now you know.

2. Wear slippers or slip-on shoes. There are many great designs available these days, and that also for a very reasonable prices. You can get past the security check with ease, and right when you are at your seat, take it off and let your feet breathe. If you want, put a bit of baby talcum powder on your feet to ensure there is no bad smell coming off your feet.

3. Put every last bit of luggage on the overhead. Keeping even a small bag near you can lead to lesser leg room, and this can make a difference.

4. If you have a neck pillow or an ostrich pillow, do not be ashamed to take it out and take a quick nap when you want to. It would not only protect your neck or keep extra noise away, but would also let you have a comfortable sleep that would be void of any hustle and bustle. Peaceful sleep on a long flight, what else you’d ask for?

5. Don’t forget to care for your back, and ask for the attendant for an extra pillow or blanket to stuff behind your back to provide lumbar support.

6. Do not wear makeup, and if you have to, carry make up remover kit with yourself, so that you can wipe it all off once you are at your seat.

7. There are many moisturizer masks that don’t need to be peeled off after applying. Wearing it would hydrate your face, and give you a shiny appeal once you land.

8. Freshen the area around your seat to feel fresh and get good vibes. Use the perfume you are carrying.

9. Relax on board, by dabbing your wrist as well as under your nose with scents like lavender and sandalwood.

10. Make sure to carry your own snacks. Do not wait for the staff to come by, because it can be too late or too early.

11. Carrying your own water is necessary, because you need to stay hydrated and their tiny bottles are definitely not going to fill you up.

12. Give the ‘do not disturb’ sign out in a very clean and clear fashion, such as wearing a sleep mask and noise cancellation headphones. That should be enough, isn’t it?

These are the few tips you can follow to make your plane trip more comfortable and seamless.