21 Reasons You Should Go On Vacation


Well, going on a vacation doesn’t need a reason, and if you ask a busy executive or a college student, they would pack their bags as soon as they can or can afford one respectively. However, if you are still not sure if you need a vacation and searching for reasons to give yourself some motivation to pack your bags, here are the 21 reasons you should go on a vacation

  1. You started weeping uncontrollably while reading about Ryan Gosling’s famous shirtless moments.
  1. And, you also happen to have messaged the same to your Boss.
  1. You are stressed, physically, emotionally, mentally and socially.
  1. People keep asking if you are okay, or if you are sick.
  1. You definitely need a vacation, if your passport expired long back, or if you just don’t know where it is.
  1. If you are a “snooze” person and hit that button, over 34 times a week, you definitely need a break.
  1. You listened to the new single by Adele – ‘Hello’, over 70 times during the last weekend.
  1. Your neighbours find you creepy, or if you’ve been mistaken to be a ghost.
  1. If you recently searched in Google “Do humans need sunlight to exist”, take a break, now.
  1. If your skin color, tone and condition has deteriorated badly, and looks worse than the ‘before’ segment of a Proactiv commercial.
  1. When did you last swim? Do you remember? If, no, then it is a one more valid reason.
  1. If you forgot how to wear or tie a bikini.
  1. When your fridge has nothing but Indian and Thai food leftovers, and it is long time you haven’t cooked yourself.
  1. Or, your fridge has vegetables that you planned to cook a month back, but are still lying lonely, and pale.
  1. You are kind of bored, even with your best friend.
  1. You forget the birthdays of your loved ones, including maybe yourself.
  1. You posted your last Instagram post over a year back.
  1. And, your suitcases are used only as storage for unwanted clothes and items.
  1. The cleaner of your office is one of your close confidants.
  1. And, sometimes late at night, you go out with office cleaner to have a drink or two, or to a fight club.
  1. When you sleep with your office clothes on, without drinking.

These are just few of the reasons you need a vacation, but actually there’s just no real reason that should motivate you to go on a vacation, but life itself. Do not live a monotonous life to work and make money. Celebrate life and make memories that make you smile. Because, all that money in the bank cannot make you smile, when the time is gone.