Things To Do When You Visit NYC

When you are visiting New York City, a city that never sleeps, you better be prepared with things to do in the city, else you might feel lost and overwhelmed to say the least. Doing a bit of research well in advance before heading to the city would let you know what you should eat, where you should visit, what you should do, what to avoid, and so on. Here is a small list of to-do things in New York City to give you a heads up (Well it’s some of the things that I want to do when I go the Big Apple) –

1. There are many art museums out here, visit at least one, such as Guggenheim and The Whitney.

2. There are many food institutions in here, have a brunch at one at least, such as 21 Club or Carnegie Deli.

3. Quietly stand at the Grand Central Terminal, under the constellation Ceiling Mural, and enjoy its beauty and grandeur.

4. From there, visit American Museum of Natural History, and enjoy the beauty of the giant blue whale on display there on the ceiling.

5. Have freshly baked out of the oven hot cookies at Levain Bakery, the best the city has to offer.

6. Take a walk around in Central Park.

7. For fabulous and breathtaking views, cycle around the Hudson River Park by renting a cycle from Citi Bike.

8. In the old meatpacking district, there is an urban park named High Line, visit there and take a stroll to enjoy its plush green view and beauty.

9. Enjoy great pizzas at various places, such as Patsy’s, Lombardi’s and Di Fara Pizza.

10. Walk across the Brooklyn Bridge.

11. Ride in the subway. It is cheap and exciting at the same time.

12. Check out the Transit Museum to peep into the history of how this great infrastructure was created from scratch.

13. Visit West Village, and get lost in the tiny streets there.

14. Take ideas of directions from a New Yorker. They are friendly and generally, ready to help.

15. Don’t miss out visiting the 9/11 memorial.

16. Book yourself a ticket for a Broadway Show.

17. Visit Arlene’s Grocery and party till late night enjoying the live Karaoke Show.

18. After the Karaoke, enjoy cheese pierogies at Veselka, one of the best Ukrainian restaurants in East Village, open 24 hours.

19. Take a ride at the Staten Island Ferry to get that perfect view of Statue of Liberty.

20. Go for the authentic New York styled brunch at Jacob’s Pickles or Russ and Daughters Cafe.

21. If you think a brunch is too much for you, at least have a bagel somewhere.

22. Visit Smalls to enjoy a live Jazz band.

23. Visit places made famous by movies or shows, like Empire Hotel (Gossip Girl), Tom’s Restaurant (Seinfeld) and Magnolia Bakery (Sex and the City).

24. Take a walk around the famous Bergdorf Goodman.

25. Take a break to relax at the famous Spa Castle.

26. Visit The Garret in the West Village to enjoy a quiet meal.

27. Visit Comedy Cellar for a comedy show.

28. And, do not forget to visit Times Square and take a pic or two of yourself.

These are the few must-do things when in NYC. However, there are just endless activities to enjoy and unlimited places to visit in New York City. Indulge and enjoy the city vibes like never before.