Life is not exactly a bed of roses, at least not everyday. It can get tough, there are ups and downs that you have to deal with, there are hurdles that you will have to overcome.

You might even be hurt, sad and be disappointed in it all. so when life kicks you down, when it is easier to say that life sucks, these places will help you remember just how beautiful it can be. Life should be appreciated, as it is very short. These places will remind you about the beauty that exists, and of course if you are those people who have a budget for it, you can go and experience these places head on.

I don’t care where you are from, these places are just breathtaking.

Colorado, Yampa and Green River canyons


Beachy Head, Sussex, England


Rocamadour, France


Petra, Jordan


Lebua, Bangkok, Thailand


Rameshwaram Temple, Tamil Nadu, India


How breathtaking is that restaurant in Bangkok. With over 500 000 restaurants, I can bet that one is in the top amazing places to grab a bite.

Courtesy of ABC news