Your Passport and Travel

Whenever a person travels from one country to SA, he/she needs to get immigration clearance and adhere to its prescribed set of rules. Small careless errors can take gigantic proportions and even lead to your deportation back to home. Let’s look into these errors especially in the light of DHA launching new passport application service at SA banks –

  • Any damaged passport can raise suspicions regarding you. Even though most passport designs are today upgraded to reduce passport fraud risk; still, damaged condition may block your travel plans.
  • Before opting for visa on arrival, ensure all key requirements are met. For example, SA requires unabridged birth certificates from all or a yellow fever certificate from certain African countries.
  • For SA, it is mandatory to have two completely blank pages in the passport.
  • The passport’s validity should remain intact for six months post six months of required travel period.
  • Your passport photo must bear a strong physical resemblance to your current appearance. Any deviations must be appropriately addressed.
  • Your ticket name and passport name must be same. For instance, a changed maiden surname post marriage must accompany a copy of the marriage certificate. Mis-spelt spelling on the passport or ticket can also deport you back.

With errors taken care of, just go ahead and enjoy the vacation.