Cool Things to do in Maboneng 

Maboneng (Sotho for “place of light”) or Jeppestown as it was commonly known, a multi-use hub that started out as Arts on Main, when old and ancient-looking warehouses and buildings were renovated and refurbished to give magnificent artists’ studios, music and art galleries, apartment complexes, eclectic restaurants, museums of various types and different retail spaces which offers both the visitors and the locals arrays of events, merchandise, exhibitions, music, and arts. Some famous local artists with studios at Arts on Main are Mikhael SUbotzky, William Kentridge, and Kim Lieberman while art galleries include NIROXprojects, David Krut Projects, GoetheOnMain, and MOAD. We’ve collated a list of top 7 seven things to do and places to visit in this creative and ever dynamic neighborhood and here they are.

Market on Main

It is reputed as the most popular and the most visited area of the precinct. It is home to the weekend market (every Sunday) that offers different African and international dishes such as Jamaican barbecued meat, craft beers, dim sum, Ethiopian food and cakes in jars. It also offers you to take home in form of unique African vintages, beautiful jewelry, and clothing.

The Bioscope

It is situated on the ground floor of the 68-seat cinema of Main Street Life that showcases different international and local movies and some specific events like Noodlebox Cinema where you can watch Chinese or Kung fu movies while eating noodles. Food and drinks are also available next door at the chalkboard Cafe which may be brought into the Cinema.

Madiba Mural or Shadow Boxer

This is a 40-meter tall mural dedicated to the Nobel Laureate belief in Ubuntu “I am because we are”. The mural serves as the symbol of the fighting spirit of the city. It was commissioned by the precinct to paint the mural as a gift to the city. It was painted in just four short days after the death of Nelson Mandela. To get some great photos, you will have to get down from the car.

The Living Room

A splendid way to end a full of exploration or adventure of Maboneng is to visit the living room. Situated atop one of the tallest buildings in Maboneng precinct is a rooftop bar and cafe that serves up tasty and whole food and has regular Sunday gatherings. Show up with a drink in hand and some snacks, you are bound to behold the beautiful Jo-burg’s rooftops as the sun sets in an African community.


Stands for Museum of African Design features floor space of over 1500 square meters, fifteen meters high ceilings, retails outlets and on-site workshop area for artist and artisan collaboration, developed from a factory warehouse, built in 1920 and has since become a center for exhibitions, events, and performance. Familiarize yourself with their website to know what is going on in this beautiful venue.

Iwasshot in Joburg

Is a project by an NGO that provide children especially from the street with disposable cameras and allows them to nail stories on film which is then converted into arts, to be sold at a permanent gallery at the Arts on the Main market.

The Blackanese

Have you ever wondered what and how the African-Asian experience will be like? Well, to put your doubts at rest, show up at The Blackanese to get some treats. It offers some of the best sushi around, all the usual Japanese varieties you know but be sure rest assured it is South Africanized version. It is better to make a booking so as not to get disappointed because there are only a few seats available.

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