8 Amazing Places To Go In South Africa

If you are planning to see the wildlife in its raw form and want to enjoy the natural beauty that is widely known for being unexplored and in same form as it were centuries ago, visiting South Africa is a good choice. Whether it is jungle safari or newly developed towns and cities that have world class luxury experience to offer, South Africa is bustling with tourists, and for all the right reasons. From beaches to forest, and from exotic river fronts to mountains and valleys, there is something in store for everyone in South Africa, making it one of the top tourist destinations for travellers from across the globe. Here are the 8 amazing places to visit if you are in South Africa –

Cape Town

This city is simply a paradise for the vacationers, and is located in the southern tip of the country. Ranked as one of the top ten cities in the world, and also one of the best vacation destination in Africa and Middle East, Cape Town has best of everything to offer, starting exotic hotels to exotic cuisines, parks and beaches as well as host of activities, festivals, shopping galore, and so on. The people here rely heavily on tourism, and thus, you can find some great, friendly and lovely people here in the city. Whether you want a fun and activity filled holiday or a peaceful and serene time with your spouse, Cape Town will offer the best mix of what you have in mind.

Kruger National Park

This is one of the most famous wildlife sanctuary and reserves in the world, where people come to experience the extra ordinary. It has one of the best games viewing experience on offer, and has a wide variety of animals, including elephants, lions, tigers, lions, leopard, rhinos, zebra, deer, and so on, scattered throughout the park. Chances of viewing exotic animals on a game drive are very high, and the environmental management techniques they implement are considered the best in the world. Being highly well managed and reasonable on pocket, this is a place where you must visit in South Africa.

The Garden Route

It is one of the most spectacular routes you would have ever taken, with hiking trails, beaches, caves, golf, and a range of other activities and scenic beauty on offer. The Knysna Wilderness Wetlands and Tsitsikamma National Park is also situated on the way on the Garden route. The climate across the whole stretch, from Mossel Bay to Storms River Mouth, is mild and sub-tropical. You would love to visit the Garden Route, because not only it offers some of the most breath taking views you would have ever seen, but also ensures that you are able to see South Africa in an up, close and personal way.

The Winelands

There are many Cape Wine routes you can choose to go in, and enjoy SA’s award winning wines and cuisines along the way. It would give you a peep into the history of the wines in the region, and also showcase how these wines are made.


Popularly known as the “City of Gold”, this city is the heart beat of Africa with pulsating music scene, amazing range of restaurants offering best of cuisines, host of activities to indulge in, Freedom tours, and so much more. Boredom is something that would never peep in when here.


From golden beaches to amazing surfing experience and from a marine park to beautiful shacks to enjoy a drink and cool windy breeze, Durban beachfront is as relaxing as it can get, and is a must visit for every South Africa visitor.

Robben Island and Soweto, are two other popular hot spots in South Africa that you just cannot miss visiting. These are just the few of the top spots, but actually South Africa has much more to offer, and you would know more when you visit South Africa and experience firsthand what it has to offer.

Pic: traveloompa.com