It’s been my goal to travel, ever since the travel bug hit me back in 2010, when I took my first trip overseas, and got to experience Germany and France.

Since then I have managed to do more trips abroad, even though I still need to do more. ‎My last trip out of South Africa was back in 2015, and I am definitely due for one. It’s something that I am working on, and I am planning it for 2018.

Travelling though requires proper planning and money, which is a bit of a challenge because of the work I do and the strides that I am making towards building my own digital agency, Epyk Digital. In fact, that is the reason  have been away for so long, but things seem to be settling down, so I will be here a lot more.

On my birthday last year, I did manage to take some time out to explore Mpumalanga. This was the first step for me to explore this beautiful country of ours, and seeing that I hadn’t gone since my parents took me when I was a child, I decided that it would be a great choice.

The trip was perfect, ‎I got to see God’s Window, Echo caves, the Three Rondavels and more. It reminded me about the beauty that God has created, that most of us don’t get to appreciate enough.

We stayed at Crystal Springs Mountain Lodge and I must say, it was pretty amazing. The scenery alone was great, and I took it all in with morning walks. I particularly loved our cabin like accommodation, complete with braai facilities and a with fireplace. As night got cold, we would just light the fire and sit around it, ‎was just too amazing.

They had fabulous activities ‎that we could have done, but we wanted to explore the bigger part of Mpumalanga. I took my sister with, and allowed her to bring a friend, and I of course took my partner with me. It really was amazing!

Now it’s 2017, I am yet to figure out which part of South Africa I want to explore on my birthday this year in August. On place that I have been itching to explore is Knysna in the Cape. That’s where I want destiny to take me this year . . . time will tell though.

If you like exploring places like I do, please tell me. If there’s a place that rocked your world here in South Africa . . . let me know