nDzuti Safari Camp


The bustling waterhole at the nDzuti Safari Camp in the Klaserie Private Nature reserve attracts a lot of species making it a point of great wildlife excitement. The camp strategically placed near the waterhole in front of the expansive deck completed with loungers and a bar. The crocodile infested waterhole attracts predators, birds and antelopes making it a great place for visitors to the camp to get a sight of these amazing animals.

Once the day and the evening game drives are over, the guests at the nDzuti Safari Camp have an entire garden to relax in, whether it is in the shades of the trees or in the warmth of the deck where the sun spreads its warmth. Guests settle down for the evening and wait for the arrival of animals to drink water during the sunset. From herb of elephants to lions, one can never know what surprise awaits for them here. A lot of times, they lie down there quietly and relax offering a superb sighting from the camp. At night, nocturnal animals such as hyenas, honey badgers, civets and jackals make appearances near the waterhole.

nDzuti Safari Camp offers a great experience for the guests right from the deck of the camp. While they sit in comfort, the animals of the Reserve come to them rather than having them look for them during the game drives.