The Spur Altercation on Video

On Human Rights Day, social media erupted when a video at one of the Spur Steak Ranches ‎showed a very angry man, a white guy, who had left his table to confront a black woman at her table, where she was eating with kids.

The woman was there celebrating one of the kids birthdays when this angry white man walked to her table and started shouting her. The incident was started apparently because one.of her kids had hurt his kid, while they were playing.

The incident really blew up very quickly and in the Spur video, there are profanities being thrown around. The man at some point threatened to beat her up. He then proceeded to shake the table where their food was, and basically their plates fell off the table.

What’s most sad to me is that ‎this happened right in front of children, who never should have been subjected to such violence. Secondly. While this man was busy swearing at this woman who had to defend herself, she had no help whatsoever. Spur management was nowhere to be found and the waiters didn’t do anything at all.

Only after the video went viral and Spur was dragged through the mud, did they release a statement to say the man in the video has been banned from, all their steak ranches.

Check out the Spur Altercation Video