Top 10 most beautiful places in Grafton, Australia

There are many beautiful and splendid places in the world that depict the most wondrous fantasies of nature within them.  Such is the case with Grafton, Australia which is famous for its splendiferous beauty.

Grafton city or the Jacaranda city in Australia is located near the Clarence river Valley which is known for tourism, fishing, cattle, sugar and its very famous annual Jacaranda festival.

While it has many places to visit and enjoy, the top ten places to visit in Grafton include the following:

  1. The Clarence River

Since the city is named after this river this is the number one place to visit as it has an amazing fishing adventure and power boating, water skiing and sailing are just a few activities that one can enjoy there in addition to the many competitions that are mostly held there.

  1. Nymboida National Park

This is a great nature inspired place where 4WD activities work great through moving among the rock formations and camping in the bushy areas. It is home to many species of birds and Nymboida and Mann rivers have awesome canoeing opportunities and also have special walk paths great for camping and picnics too.

  1. Old Glenn Innes Road

This road gives way to many beautiful scenes among the greenery, rocks as well as tunnels with many historic spots to enjoy as picnics and camping as well.

  1. Washpool National Park

The park has beautiful gorges and breathtaking landscapes with clear water flowing through the old rain forest area which has many different unparalleled and undiscovered natural areas along big coach-wood trees.

  1. Christ Church Cathedral

The beautiful church building is a great view with the sidelined Jacaranda trees and is made in compliance with Gothic lines with streamlined glass windows, arches and great big interiors. The building is kept by the national trust but is open for visitors 24×7 round the clock.

  1. Alumny Creek School Museum

This is a living school museum and has school records, equipment of education and memorabilia with striking picnic and sports facilities available here.

  1. Squatters Private Museum

The vintage tractors, 16 old style museums, farm engines and machinery as well as the old fashioned bush entertainment is great for many tour of groups. It also features a museum cook who makes splendid bread and tea for all visitors as a specialty.

  1. Clarence Gorge

Located at a one-and-a-half-hour drive, this gorge has many beautiful waterfalls and pools where the rainbows and great scenic views make the journey worthwhile. It also has overnight staying options for adventurous enjoyments alongside.

  1. Glenreagh Museum

The gold mine relics, items, china pieces, radios and the walk around the village parks and gardens near the museum are an essential must.

  1. Regional Art Gallery

The visual art center proves as a great cultural hub as it has great collection of works and vivid inspirational artifices that have more than 40 exhibitions each year.

Therefore, if you are planning to visit Grafton this vacation, these places are must to be added on yours to visit list if you really want to thoroughly enjoy the place and be greatly amazed as well.

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