10 Top-Rated Tourist Attractions in Swaziland

If you’re a travel buff, and you love visiting and exploring new destinations then Swaziland can be your new destination to have the experience of your life. Swaziland is the smallest country in Africa which is rich in art and wildlife and the natural views of inspiring rock arts.

There are many places in Swaziland that you can visit but the top 10 must visit places in Swaziland are given below.

  1. Sandlane’s Bushman Paintings

The 100 years dated lifestyle is spread all over Africa as the paintings are characterized by the cave walls and rocks of Swaziland that have animal and human behaviors depicted in them.

  1. Malkerns’ Swazi Candles

The candle company is a must visit for travelers which are known as Swazi candles. Located in Malkerns Valley, the candles are made by grinding in hands here. These 1981 dated unique designs which are distinct from each other.

  1. Ezulwini’s Mantenga Village

The village depicts the true Swazi culture and song with great dance performances which has 16 huts among the mountains, each representing a different purpose.

  1. Motshane’s Ngwenya Glass

The glass company has many men and women craftsmen that carve unique glass animals and birds through great creativity.

  1. Manzini’s Hlane Royal National Park

The largest southern park of Africa is reached through the Manzini airport which is famous for elephants, lions, cheetahs and other wildlife animals that can be viewed through a rented vehicle.

  1. Piggs Peak’s Maguga Dam

The Nkomazi River offers a great view through the Piggs peak and Mbane area. The green mountains have bordered water flanks and many people who earn their livelihood through them.

  1. Ezulwini’s Milwane Wildlife Sanctuary

This is one of the largest reserves of Swaziland and lies between the capital of Mbabane. The sanctuary stretches over more than 4560 hectares and is the greatest tourist spot here in Swaziland.

  1. Mkhaya’s Mkhaya Game Reserve

This is one of the game reserved areas that greatly adds to the tourism here. This tour gives the ultimate taste of Africa which is famous for its black and white Rhinos in addition to cattle, Elephants, Giraffes and Hippos.

  1. Peaks Peak’s Phophonyane falls

The Phophonyane Falls are great for a peaceful night by the lodges, perfect for hiking between the Rocky Mountains.

  1. Lobamba’s King Sobhuza II Memorial Park

This is the national museum that shows the traditional dresses, necklaces, beads, anklets, etc. displayed in the royal area.