Dublin Attractions: Top 5 Things You Must Do While in Dublin

There are many things that some cities or some countries of the world are known for. There are also such things which if not done can render one’s trip almost useless and non-enjoyable.

Dublin is the capital as well as the largest city in the Republic of Ireland where the castle, the cathedrals, the riverside nightlife and the Irish Film Institute is very much famous and renowned. The place is also known for the busking art that its streets are lined of on both corners. It is a great place to visit and the top five things that one must do while in Dublin are given below. One should definitely do them if they want to enjoy their trip to the place fully.

  1. National Aquatic Centre

The AquaZone is one of the most unique water parks in the whole of Europe that offers great interesting features and attractions for families along with the thrills for an amazing water adventure through its rides.

  1. Dublin Zoo

The natural habitats of the Dublin Zoo have many rare species of animals living in it where the African Savannah is also home to giraffes, zebras, scimitar oryx and ostriches.

There, the Kaziranga Forest is also very beautiful and fascinating with the Asian elephants while the Phoenix Park has great tigers, bats, rare monkeys, gorillas, chimps, red pandas, hippopotamuses and even many insects as well.

  1. Guiness Storehouse

This place is the ultimate home for all the black stuff ever as the 1759 existing seven story building located on St James’ Gate Brewery has an ex Guinness fermentation plant which has been made into a giant pint of the Guinness.

This way you get to know everything about beer while the Gravity Bar is the center of attraction with the free pint of Guinness alongside the city’s views.

  1. St Patrick’s Cathedral

This is one of the fewest buildings that are left from the medieval times as it is built between 1220 and 1260. It is now the national as well as the largest cathedral of the country and has a lot to learn and know of as well.

With its famous dean Jonathan Swift’s and 700 other burials with their fascinating history there, the place is a great visitor attraction of all times since its first existence.

  1. Science Gallery at Trinity College

This is the world’s first Science Gallery which is located at the Trinity College in Dublin where the first ever fusion of science and art took place. This is why the success follows it on till today and it is now being carried out as a legacy idea worldwide.

Here, ideas and opinions have a say and displays are temporary to yield new sights at every visit too.

These five things are definitively the must go and must see places of Dublin as they are the country’s landmark sites for what the country is actually known for. They shall make your trip extremely memorable and always keep you fascinated with the scenes that they offer.