Fact Durban rocks . . . and if you have spent any kind of significant time there, you will agree with me. The weather is great, the people are great and being the foodie that I am, I can’t help but appreciate some of there restaurants that they have.

Having looked at best restaurants in Cape Town  and best restaurants in Jozi,  I just couldn’t ignore Durban. So,

Best Restaurants in Durban in 2017

9th Avenue Bistro

It is an award-winning eatery located in the heart of Durban’s entertainment district. Run by husband and wife by name Graham and Gina Nelson with black and white fittings to distinguish it. To have a memorable experience, you are advised to try the six-course tasting menu. They serve different dishes with an emphasis on seafood. Dishes are offered using the fresh ingredients in a unique manner.

Butcher Boys Grill

If you love high-quality meat, this is the place to go. They offer both wet and dry aged types of meat that are grilled to you taste. You may determine how bloody you want the meat and then relax having the confidence that the chef is handling your steak with knowledge and professionalism it deserves. While your beef is being grilled, you can also choose from the menu different offerings they have. For those that are not interested in red meat, there are other choices too including seafood dishes, chicken, avocado and bacon salad and even Roquefort salad.

Cargo Hold

Want to dine with sharks, no problem. For lovers of water and aquatic life, the cargo hold is the place to go. It offers guest unique dining experience within Ushaka Marine World as guests are seated at a table in the stern of the phantom ship affording them unparalleled views of the shark tank and ocean. It is always open for lunch and dinner while children under eight years of age are not allowed for dinners. Booking is compulsory and their Intercontinental cuisine includes saucy chicken, crispy duck, raw fish salads and succulent steaks.

Freedom Cafe

A cafe aimed at younger and energetic crowd with a cheap venue to attract them. Located in the garden of Concierge Boutique Bungalows, the restaurant was constructed d out of an old cargo container with a unique mix of glass and metal making it a sight to behold. The outdoor setting makes it more tempting on a sunny spring morning for a cup of hot coffee or a tasty lunch.


An award winning restaurant that presents to you routinely changing menu specializing in modern and fusion cuisine. You have plenty different kinds of seafood to choose from alongside sushi dishes, noodle and a lot more. Also if you are interested in beer, wine or pre-dinner or post-dinner cocktail, there is a separate arrangement for it there too.

Ile Maurice

Are you interested in enjoying Durban’s seascape while at the same time having a speechless meal, head over to Ile Maurice. This spot has been the favorite spot amongst the locals for over 40 years and counting. Focusing on French-Mauritian cuisine, their specialty in offering seafood dishes with delectable flavors is unmatched. Kitchen veteran Elsie Mavis used to anchor the place until her retirement at age 90. Now the restaurant is being run by her son who has continued to surpass the traditional expectation and show passion for the flavor his mother stamped on the place.

Roma Revolving

It is the city’s only rotating restaurant that is located 32 stories above the ground which afford the guests unrivaled view of the coastal city. Different seafood and fresh game dishes are also on offer though, their cuisine is mainly Italian. After dinner, guests are invited up onto the roof to Gino’s Sky Bar to sip a cocktail under the stars.